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Heal in the Comfortable Beauty of Nature at "THE THOUSAND KYOTO"Experience traditional and contemporary art "in depth"

"THE THOUSAND KYOTO" is a hotel where you can enjoy traditional and contemporary art of Kyoto. Combined with its convenient location near Kyoto Station and the fact that it will celebrate its 5th anniversary in 2024, the hotel has attracted the attention of many art fans.

Art tour of contemporary art in the hotel building

THE THOUSAND KYOTO is a "sustainable comfort hotel" that inherits the wisdom of living with nature and the spirit of hospitality of Kyoto, the capital of a thousand of years. Taking a cue from Kyoto's culture of embracing nature's changes and beauty, the hotel's design concept is based on "greenery and light," with artwork throughout the hotel based on themes such as scenes swaying in the wind and comfort that changes with the seasons. The visual design studio "WOW" created "wind_form," a work in which wind and light are skillfully controlled, and which can be considered a symbol of THE THOUSAND KYOTO.


The hotel also offers guided tours of these contemporary artworks to hotel guests and restaurant patrons, each tour lasting about 45 minutes and featuring a variety of materials and techniques to express Kyoto and its natural environment. Reservations are required by 6:00 p.m. the day before the tour, so don't forget to make yours if you want to try it out. Participants will receive THE THOUSAND KYOTO art booklet as a gift.

Ceramic art and painting experience programs are also available for guests only.

THE THOUSAND KYOTO offers "OKUTRIP KYOTO," a cultural experience program that tells the "depth" of Kyoto. The program includes a variety of artistic experiences such as pottery making, painting, and yuzen dyeing, which can be enjoyed in combination with overnight stays.

Another attraction of the hotel is its excellent location, just a 2-minute walk from JR Kyoto Station. The hotel also offers electric bicycles for rent (for a fee) and discounts on the loop bus that runs between JR Kyoto Station and Keihan Shichijo Station, making it the perfect place for those who have an itch for a little extra attention.

Also, this hotel will celebrate its 5th anniversary in 2024. With "five senses" as its theme, the hotel plans to offer a variety of hospitality through the five senses, and expectations for the hotel are growing even higher.

THE THOUSAND KYOTO is a hotel where you can enjoy Kyoto's nature and history while encountering pleasant artwork. It is especially recommended for those who wish to enjoy both traditional and contemporary art in Kyoto.


570 Higashishioji-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 600-8216


075-354-1000 (hotel representative)

Access from the nearest station

  • 【JR Kyoto Station】Exit at the Central Exit (Karasuma Exit: Kyoto Tower side), and walk east for about 2 minutes,

  • 【Kyoto Shiei Subway, Karasuma Line Kyoto Station】Exit 5 from the underground passageway

  • 【Keihan Line Shichijo Station】4 minutes from Shichijo Keihan-mae Station on the station loop bus.


from 15:00




Parking, wheelchair, smoking space available, free Wi-Fi throughout the building, foreign currency exchange available, luggage storage service, laundry service, courier service, etc.


Parking lot (B1F) is 800 yen / 30 minutes (consumption tax included)

Official Website


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