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Japan's first 'W Hotel' | An extraordinary world where adults' playful spirit comes alive.

W Osaka, a luxury lifestyle hotel with stylish all-black architecture, stands out from the crowd along Midosuji Avenue in Shinsaibashi, Osaka. While the exterior looks like a black box, the inside is boldly designed and colorful. An extraordinary world full of Osaka's chic and playful spirit unfolds. Aiming to be a hotel that is not just a place to stay, but also a destination for travelers, the hotel offers an unprecedented new experience of luxury.

Concept is 'Osaka merchant's playful spirit'.

'W Osaka' is Marriott International's new luxury lifestyle hotel, which has been attracting attention for its innovative hotel design that has overturned the concept of a luxury hotel since it first opened in Japan in March 2021.

The 27-story, solid black building facing Midosuji, Osaka's main street, was designed and supervised by ANDO Tadao, a world-renowned architect from Osaka. The interior was designed by Concrete Architectural Associates of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The design theme was inspired by the Japanese haori coat.

"During the Edo period, when luxury was forbidden, Osaka merchants dressed modestly in black haori on the outside, but enjoyed stylish fun with fancy lining on the inside. The concept of W Osaka is based on the playful spirit of such adults. While the exterior is minimalist, the interior hides a colorful and gorgeous Osaka-style interior," says YOKOYAMA Eriko, assistant general manager.

Appearance called "black box" supervised by ANDO Tadao

Origami-inspired Arrival Tunnel

Exactly as it says, when you pass through the fantastic Arrival Tunnel with its Origami motif and go up to the 3rd lobby floor, you will be surprised to see a colorful and exciting space. This is the "LIVING ROOM," the social hub (lobby lounge) that is the "heart of W".

The lighting and colorful sofas are inspired by the neon lights of Dotonbori, the MANZAI stage represents Osaka's comedy culture, the red DJ booth is reminiscent of a transistor radio, the large lampshades are shaped like lanterns, and the bar counter is lined with icons of sake bottles, are also full of pop fun. The front desk and the concierge desk, called "Whatever/Whenever," also shine with unique design.

Concrete Architectural Associates of Amsterdam, the interior design firm, traveled throughout Japan to capture the beauty of Japan and the essence of Osaka's history as well as culture in every corner of the W Osaka.

"The Heart of W” LIVING ROOM

What is the extraordinary excitement that W Osaka offers? Rooms with hidden surprises

Rooms on the 6th through 27th floors are decorated in bright tones. The functional and bold design is unique to the "W". The ceiling-to-floor glass windows offer a panoramic view of Osaka.The bedrooms are designed to turn on a moody neon light with the flick of a switch. The even-numbered floors have blue neon lights inspired by the sea at the Port of Osaka, while the odd-numbered floors have cherry pink neon lights.

There are many other surprises hidden in the rooms, so be sure to look forward to them when you stay at the hotel!

Panoramic view from guest rooms

DJ booth and a bathtub that looks like a champagne bowl Penthouse suite with a playful atmosphere

"The Extreme WOW Penthouse Suite" on the 27th floor has a ceiling height of 4.5 meters and an area of 200 square meters. Inspired by a traditional Japanese house, five rooms on the floor are partitioned by Shoji screens. The rooms that open up upon entering are decorated with real trees, a circular carpet resembling a dry landscape, and stone cushions, reminiscent of a "ZEN Garden".

The bedroom is decorated with bold artwork by internationally acclaimed Dutch textile artist Sigrid Kallon. The living room is a permanent DJ booth, and the open kitchen in the dining room could be used for a full-fledged party. The bathroom also features a bathtub approximately 1.9 meters in diameter, inspired by a champagne bowl.

The gorgeous penthouse suite, which looks like it belongs in a Hollywood movie, is used not only for parties and as a wedding venue, but also for exhibitions for VIP guests of luxury brands.

Step inside the "Extreme WOW Penthouse Suite" and you will find the "ZEN Garden".



Living room

Enjoy Osaka soul food in front of works by KURODA Seitaro

Of note among the hotel dining options is the teppanyaki restaurant "MYDO," created by two of Osaka's leading creators. MORITA Yasumichi, an Osaka-born designer, has designed the restaurant's interior by fusing a modern concept with the idea of "shading and reverence," which is unique to Japan. KURODA Seitaro, another Osaka-born artist, has painted the artwork on 40-meter-long shoji-like art panels in his own hand over a period of five days to echo the energetic city of Osaka, including the history of its food culture.

At MYDO, in front of Mr. Kuroda's witty artwork, you can dine in three areas and private rooms: "FUN" where you can enjoy "konamon" including Osaka's soul food okonomiyaki, "LUXE" where you can enjoy premium ingredients such as wagyu beef and lobster, and "KAPPO" where you can enjoy teppan cuisine in a stylish kappo style.

MYDO received the Interior Design Hospitality Awards category award at the "2022 DNA Paris Design Awards" in France for its interior design.

Teppan-yaki “MYDO”

Other restaurants that combine refined food and art include "", a blue-and-white brasserie inspired by French Breton shirts; "MIXUP", an art-pastry bar with creative artwork; and Dutch painter Rok Jansen designed the interior of "Sushi Ukiyoe", an Edo-style sushi restaurant with no signboard.


Boosting Osaka Tourism through Art Produce events to stimulate curiosity

W Osaka focuses on art as one of the Passion Points (points of passion) to increase customer satisfaction. We produce programs that stimulate curiosity on a daily basis.

For example, in an effort to support local artists who lost the opportunity to express themselves due to the Corona disaster and contribute to regional revitalization, "norm Art & Design Festival 2022" will be held in August 2022 under the concept of New Normal.

The guest rooms on the 9th floor will be used to create a contemporary art gallery where approximately 20 Osaka-based artists will exhibit their works. Also, a variety of art programs, including a special AI x ART installation by the creative team "Raizomatics" led by MANABE Daito, were planned for Christmas in 2023, creating a great buzz.

In April 2023, Lucas Beaufort, a popular French artist, was invited to live-paint in the social hub "LIVING ROOM," and with the help of a DJ playlist, Lucas painted one piece on 40 canvases as he wished, while participants enjoyed champagne and canapés. The unique experience allowed all participants to connect with one piece of artwork and each take home a piece of artwork.

Mr. Lucas Beaufort

Furthermore, Mr. Lucas endorsed the "Shinsaibashi SDGs Project," an initiative by W Osaka, Daimaru Shinsaibashi, and Shinsaibashi PARCO along Midosuji Avenue, to revitalize the Shinsaibashi area. As part of the project, Mr. Lucas auctioned off skateboard artwork inspired by Osaka during his stay at the hotel, and all winning bids were donated to the "Naniwa Art Support Fund" to support future artists in Osaka.

Focusing on the SDGs with a strong connection to the community

YOKOYAMA Eriko, Deputy General Manager

"We want to promote tourism in Osaka through art. To achieve this, we value our ties with the local community, and as a responsible company, we are committed to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)," said Ms. Yokoyama, deputy general manager.

We support the international art trade fair "art stage OSAKA" as a partner company, and actively participate in the "Midosuji-Nagahori 21st Century Association," which considers future urban development. Although not well known, we are involved in supporting a local children's cafeteria and invite children with disabilities and their parents to participate in work experience such as baking cakes.

As part of their commitment to diversity, they participated in the "Rainbow Festa! 2023" in preparation for the 2024 IGLTA (International LGBTQ+ Travel Trade Association) World Congress in Osaka, and they have created a work environment that is inclusive of people of various genders, nationalities, cultures, and backgrounds for the W Hotel talent (as the staff is called), They are creating a comfortable work environment by accepting people with various genders, nationalities, cultures, and backgrounds.

In recognition of these strong concepts and initiatives, W Osaka has won three simultaneous awards at "The World Luxury Hotel Awards 2023", the world's most prestigious luxury hotel awards, known as the ultimate hotel guide.

It is evident that only a connection with the community and an environment that draws out the talents of the talent can build the trust of domestic and international travelers as a truly playful luxury lifestyle hotel.Enjoying such W Osaka art and culture while traveling around Osaka will surely stimulate your senses in a pleasant way.Why not make W Osaka one of your art tourism destinations?

Luxury Lifestyle Hotel "W Osaka"


4-1-3 Minami-Senba, Chuo-ku, Osaka City



Access from the nearest station

3 minutes on foot from Shinsaibashi Station on the Osaka Metro Midosuji Line and Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line






Fitness center, swimming pool, spa


<Languages spoken by staff> English, Japanese, Chinese

Service dogs are allowed; only dogs weighing 18 kg or less, regardless of breed, are allowed on the pet-friendly plan

Smoking is not permitted in the hotel, Pets are welcome, Electric car charging station available, Currency exchange service available

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