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Company Information


Art Rogue Co., Ltd. is a "social enterprise" that engages in business with the aim of solving social problems using art.

*Receives social impact investment.


Arts for Human and Planet


・Use it to protect culture and art
・Create a world where everyone can enjoy art anytime, anywhere

ARTLOGUE is an arts tech company that brings innovation to the art industry through the power of technology.

◯ Art has the power to shine a light on people and things that are usually hard to see and show us.

The stories we usually see are special events about special people.

However, the truth is that if there are 100 people, there will be 100 different stories, all different and all special. At ARTLOGUE, we would like to deliver wonderful stories that are usually overlooked through art.

◯ Art allows us to acquire the imagination to care for others and the creativity to overcome difficult problems.

The world has many problems such as poverty, hunger, environmental problems, war and terrorism. 

Many of these social issues are man-made disasters. In other words, in order to create a better society, people must change. 

If through art we can acquire the imagination to care for others and the creativity to overcome difficult problems, people will surely change and we will have a better society in the future.

We at ARTLOGUE believe in the power of art.



July 7, 2017

Address: 503 Avenue Nakatsu, 5-7-11 Toyosaki, Kita-ku, Osaka, Osaka 531-0072

【board member】

Representative Director and CEO Daisuke Suzuki
Director COO Eri Shibata


Masakatsu Asaki, Chairman of the National Federation of Art Dealers, Representative Director and Chairman of the Tokyo Art Club
Yuko Kuno, Chairperson and CEO of S&R Foundation, Founder and Chairperson of Halcyon Foundation
(Social impact investment from Impact and Innovation LLC, USA)
Jun Shibuya President, Smart Value Co., Ltd.
Mr. Kunihiro Tanaka, President and Representative Director, Sakura Internet Co., Ltd.
Masaru Nakagawa, Professor Emeritus, Osaka City University
Mr. Fumio Nanjo Director, Mori Art Museum
Mr. Iwao Shinzawa Representative Director and Chief Brewer of Shinzawa Jozo Co., Ltd.
Mr. Toshiyasu Nishii, President and Representative Director of Synchro Co., Ltd., CMT of Oisix La Daichi Co., Ltd., CMO of GROOVE X Co., Ltd.
Junko Foley Representative Director and President of Daidomon Co., Ltd.
Mr. Dai Matsumoto Chairman of the Board, Monex Group, Inc.
Mr. Akihisa Miyata, Representative Director and President, Nakakita Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
Mr. Kenji Yabuno Representative Director, President and CEO, Cook Biz Co., Ltd.
Mr. Taro Yamane, President and Representative Director of Sanwa Company Co., Ltd., HEAD contracted tennis player


Masanori Aoyagi, former Commissioner of the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Professor Emeritus of the University of Tokyo
Takeshi Ninoyu, former member of the House of Councilors

【Membership of professional institutions】


Screenshot 2023-07-30 11.55.38.png
Screenshot 2023-07-30 11.55.44.png

General Incorporated Association WORLD ART DIALOGUE 

We innovate with art and innovate society with art.

The CURATORSTV project, the predecessor of ARTLOGUE, was established in 2010 as part of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's global COE program, ``Towards Social Inclusion and Cultural Creation'', which aims to create an internationally outstanding research center at Osaka City University Urban Research Plaza. It began as part of the city's "restructuring of the city." After two years of preparation and one year of implementation, we established the general incorporated association WORLD ART DIALOGUE (ARTLOGUE) in April 2013.

From a university research project to a period of social experimentation as a general incorporated association, we have strived to realize the philosophy that we have consistently advocated: ``Improve accessibility and understanding of art'' and ``Aim to solve social issues through art.'' , on July 7, 2017, we established a social art company, ARTLOGUE Co., Ltd.

Amid economic recession, the leisure market has shrunk significantly, tax revenues have declined, and Japanese people have less time to appreciate art, and the pressure to reduce art is increasing day by day. However, on the other hand, data has been released showing that latent needs for art are increasing, and it is clear that the art industry is not grasping these needs. We at ARTLOGUE are developing new services using IT and other technologies in order to understand the needs for art, give as many citizens as possible the opportunity to encounter art, and create opportunities to enjoy art. I'm here.

From now on, ARTLOGUE will create a fertile economic zone called "ARTS ECONOMICS" that will support Japan's future by transcending the boundaries of cultural and artistic resources and business. I also hope to be able to help establish a nation built on culture and the arts by working together with the strengthening of cultural administration and the realization of the Ministry of Culture.

Business details: ARTLOGUE carries out activities related to the dissemination and promotion of culture, art and creativity (hereinafter referred to as art), with the aim of contributing to the promotion of world peace, and carries out the following projects.
If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

◯ Collection and dissemination of domestic and international art information 
◯ Creative planning and dissemination related to art 
◯ Planning and management of art events 
◯ Artist production and dispatch 
◯ Other business necessary to achieve the purpose of our corporation 
◯ Planning and creation of tie-up articles
◯ Creating interviews and articles
◯ Graphic design such as advertising
◯ Recording video shooting, Internet distribution
◯ Promotional video production
◯ Owned media development
◯ Various site construction
◯ Smartphone application development
◯ Content planning and production
◯ Product planning and production
◯ Crowdfunding business
◯ Event planning and production
◯ Inviting artists
◯ Other cultural and artistic projects

Management service


Social art media ARTLOGUE provides art information that can be enjoyed by the general public in order to make art more enjoyable and accessible to more people. We aim to create a site where even people who think art is difficult and don't understand it well will fall in love with art after reading the articles on ARTLOGUE.

Screenshot 2023-07-30 12.43.20.png

The ``ManiA (Manifest for Arts)'' project says, ``Despite being a parliamentary democracy, the fact that it's not even included in the manifesto, let alone an issue in the election, means that it's being looked down upon.'' Based on our awareness of the issue of ``Is this true?'', we have asked politicians and election candidates about their activities and visions for culture and the arts in a ``Cultural and Arts Manifesto,'' which is published on the website.
Winner of the 14th Manifest Award Special Jury Award

Screenshot 2023-07-30 12.43.38.png

The NIIZAWA Prize by ARTLOGUE will award the grand prize to the world's top artists and the Omise Prize to up-and-coming artists, and the label designs proposed by these artists will be used on two types of sake bottles produced that year. Thing.

Screenshot 2023-07-30 12.43.43.png

CURATORS TV is an archive and internet distribution site for Gallery Talk. This is one of the projects to make art more pervasive in society. It will be used to improve accessibility from the perspective of social inclusion and as a resource for arts management education.

Screenshot 2023-07-30 12.43.49.png

MoPA (Museum of Public Art) is a project that uses collective intelligence to archive public art from around the world. Anyone around the world can register public art by creating an account and registering.

Screenshot 2023-07-30 12.43.57.png

Wikipedia ARTS is a project in which citizens research local ARTS (culture and arts) and compile them into Wikipedia articles to provide information.

General Incorporated Association WORLD ART DIALOGUE 

Summary by Makoto Nakagawa (Professor, Osaka City University)
Daisuke Suzuki (Art Innovator) CEO/Editor-in-Chief 
Akiko Kasuya (Professor, Kyoto City University of Arts) Planning 
Isshu Rakusai (Representative of Nota Inc.) WEB director/CURATORS TV development leader 
Yusuke Yamamoto (Kyoto University Research Producer) WEB Engineer 
Eri Shibata (Researcher, Urban Culture Research Center, Graduate School of Letters, Osaka City University) Planning 
Junya Ishihara (Tsukurusha CEO/CoderDojo) Web Director/MoPA (Museum of Public Art) Development Leader

Nobuo Murao (Tax accountant/Administrative Scrivener, Nobuo Murao Tax Accountant Office)

Masanori Aoyagi (Director of Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Art, 21st Commissioner of the Agency for Cultural Affairs)
Akira Tatehata (President of Tama Art University, Director of Saitama Prefectural Museum of Modern Art)


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