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Osaka University Nakanoshima Centre, a global centre of excellence at the intersection of the "Four Kinds of Knowledge"

The Osaka University Nakanoshima Centre is the fourth campus of Osaka University, a 10-storey building located in the center of Nakanoshima. It actively holds exhibitions and public lectures, and is popular with many citizens.

Events to stimulate knowledge and sensitivity. Multifunctional cultural facilities at Osaka University.

Osaka University Nakanoshima Centre is a facility owned by Osaka University and was established in Nakanoshima, the birthplace of the university, in 2004 as part of the university's 70th anniversary celebrations, and reopened in 2023 after renovations were completed to enhance its functions. The concept is to form a global centre of excellence for the co-creation of society-academia, art and industry-academia collaboration, where the "four knowledges" of culture, art, academia and technology intersect. Events are held daily to stimulate the intellectual curiosity of visitors.

On the third and fourth floors is the Nakanoshima Art Centre, an art square. As a place where postgraduate and undergraduate students and working people can participate in the practice of art, exhibitions and gallery talks are held. On the fifth floor, the Inochi Kyokan (Compassion to All Life) Plaza hosts the Inochi Conference, a series of dialogues on a variety of themes through industry-academia-government-private sector co-creation with the aim of realising a future society where life shines brightly.SDGs games, digital globes, books, VR theatre, art exhibitions and other contents for children, students and students to enjoy are also available. The exhibition also includes a SDG game, a digital globe, books, a VR theatre, an art exhibition, etc.

Furthermore, events are held daily throughout the building to enrich both the intellect and the senses, such as open lectures by Osaka University in the SAJI Keizo Memorial Hall on the 10th floor.

The Cafeteria Agora on the second floor is directly managed by Rihga Royal Hotel (Osaka). The Agora Burger, which offers four different flavours in accordance with the concept of the centre, is a popular choice.

Exhibition view

5th floor, Inochi Kyokan Plaza.

At the "Inochi Conference", participants engage in dialogue on a diverse range of topics.

The Cafeteria Agora on the second floor displays works from the Osaka University collection.

Permanent exhibition of MORIMURA Yasumasa's 《Tekijuku Gathering》, portraying the origins of Osaka University.

《The Tekijuku Gathering》 is a photographic mural work by artist MORIMURA Yasumasa (1951- ), a specially-appointed professor at Osaka University. The Tekijuku, opened in 1838 by the Dutch scholar and physician OGATA Koan, is a private school that can be regarded as the origin of Osaka University. This work was created to coincide with the renewal of the Osaka University Nakanoshima Centre, with the aim of installing a work that would become the 'face' of Osaka University.

Mr Morimura has consistently produced self-portraits in which he himself dresses up as Van Gogh, Einstein, Marilyn Monroe and others. For this film on the theme of 'Tekijuku and OGATA Koan', the roles of the seven Tekijuku students in the film were recruited from current Osaka University students. This is an extremely rare Morimura work in that other people appear in it. The work is on permanent display on the walls of the Osaka University Nakanoshima Centre.

The prototype of IMAI Shukuo's 《Time Stones 400》 is exhibited in the lobby on the ground floor.

Public art by artist and former member of the Gutai Art Association (GUTAI), artist IMAI Norio (1946- ), 《Time Stones 400》, installed in front of Shin-Osaka Station in 1982, which was supposed to be completed at the start of the 21st century, but due to the absence of a manager, the work has not been completed to the present day.

Osaka University has also provided opportunities to deepen understanding of public art, such as the exhibition on the theme of this work, "What is Public Art? - Thinking with 《Timestones 400》" at the Osaka University Museum of Arts and Sciences.

The original megaliths that make up this work are on display in the first-floor lobby of Osaka University's Nakanoshima Centre.

The Osaka University Nakanoshima Centre is located at the crossroads of “culture”, “art”, “academia” and “technology”, and there are high expectations for how its activities will develop.

Original of IMAI Norio's 《Time Stones 400》, installed in the lobby on the ground floor.

Basic information


4-3-53 Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Osaka



Access from nearest station

  • 5 minutes walk from Nakanoshima Station on the Keihan Nakanoshima Line.

  • 9 minutes walk from Fukushima Station on the Hanshin Main Line.

  • 9 minutes walk from Shin-Fukushima Station on the JR Tozai Line.

  • 9 minutes on foot from Fukushima Station on the JR Tozai Line.

  • 12 minutes on foot from Fukushima Station on the JR Loop Line.

  • 16-minute walk from Yodoyabashi Station on the Osaka Metro Midosuji Line.

Opening hours



No holidays except year-end and New Year holidays *Closed temporarily when regular inspections are carried out.

Admission fee

free of charge

Course fees, etc.

Varies according to each event.


Smoking is not permitted in the museum, and as a rule, no food or drink may be brought into the museum.

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