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Enjoy Talking with Artists at 「KAGANHOTEL」Have a creative time in a space where art is born.

Updated: Jan 31

"KAGANHOTEL" is a place where artists and guests can casually interact with each other. The accommodation plans that can only be enjoyed here and that stimulate creativity are attracting attention.

Unique hotel to interact with artists

KAGANHOTEL, which opened in 2019, is located in Suzaku Hozo-cho, west of the Kyoto central wholesale market. Here, several young artists live together and create artworks as they wish. The hotel is open to the public and offers attractive accommodation plans unique to an art hotel, such as the "Plan with Artist Goods".

The 2nd floor is a dormitory that can be reserved for groups, and the 3rd floor is a shared house for artists to live together. Not only artists and creators, but also the general public can use the economy rooms on the 4th floor and the superior rooms on the 5th floor. Superior rooms are available as twin or triple rooms.

5th Floor Superior Room

One of the attractions of the hotel is the opportunity to interact with the artists at the attached gallery and atelier. Rooms are decorated with works by artists staying at the hotel, and guests can view them in the comfort of their own rooms.

"KAGAN original spiced curry" and " kaki-gori (shaved ice)" using plenty of market vegetables are popular at the cafe-bar "KAGAN FOOD STUDIO" on the first floor, which is open only during the summer season.

Special access is also available for those staying on the day of the event to order at the "Artist's Storage Bar," a bar where artists gather that is open to members only.

KAGAN Original Spiced Curry

There is also a plan that allows you to choose your own artwork to hang in your guest room.

As of November 2023, 12 artists are staying at KAGANHOTEL. Many of their works are on display in the hotel. You can view them in your guest room or in the gallery on the basement floor, so be sure to visit them when you stay at the hotel. The gallery displays not only the works of the resident artists, but also those selected by KAGANHOTEL.

For Superior Rooms, there is a plan that allows guests to choose the artwork to be displayed in their rooms, so if you find a work of art that interests you, you can view it in your room as well.

The "plan with creative box" allows you to enjoy making gifts.

Staying at KAGANHOTEL, you will be able to spend time freeing your creativity.

KAGANHOTEL is located in the JR Umekoji Kyoto West Station area, which has seen a lot of development in recent years. Visit KAGANHOTEL for a different kind of art stay experience.

photo by: Misa Shinshi / Atsushi Shiotani / Hanako Kimura


99 Suzaku-Hozo-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto



Access from the nearest station

  • 5-minute walk from JR Umekoji Kyoto Nishi Station

  • 10-minute walk from JR Sanin Line Tambaguchi Station

  • 7-minute walk from Umekoji Koen/Kyoto Railway Museum-mae bus stop by Kyoto City Bus

  • 4-minute walk from Shichijo Senbon bus stop by Kyoto City Bus


16:00 - 21:00 (unattended check-in available after 21:00)21:00)



Accommodation fee

Please check the official website


Parking and laundry available; WiFi, shared kitchen, shared lounge, and library available in common areas; WiFi, refrigerator, projector, air conditioner, hair dryer, microwave oven, hot water pot, dishes, and bidet available in rooms; other amenities available


Parking in front of the facility is available from check-in to check-out for 1200 yen/night

Official Website


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