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Conrad Osaka|expand one's sensibilities at the luxury hotel in the sky

Conrad Osaka is located in Nakanoshima, an area that is rich in art museums, concert halls, and historical buildings. Inside the building, visitors can view the works of up-and-coming artists while enjoying the spectacular panoramic view from the upper floors.

NAWA Kohei《Fu / Rai》

Panoramic view from the top 40th floor

Conrad Osaka is a luxury hotel based on the concept of "Your Address in the Sky." Located on the top 40th floor of Nakanoshima Festival Tower West, all rooms offer panoramic views of the Osaka skyline, river, ocean, and distant mountains. As befits the name of "The Nonpareil Kitchen," guests can enjoy unique and dynamic dining options such as Japanese cuisine, grilled dishes, and buffets. The hotel also features a spa and fitness center, indoor swimming pool, and other facilities for a relaxing and special time with your loved ones.

Art space with over 389 works by up-and-coming artists such as NAWA Kohei

The hotel's interior design incorporates natural phenomena such as wind and light, and visitors can enjoy various artworks inspired by nature.

Visitors are first greeted by MATSUO Takahiro's video installation "Phenomenon" at the entrance on the first floor. Visitors can see a mass of millions of particles drifting in a zero-gravity space, changing form from moment to moment. The colors, which change from white to blue to gold depending on the time of day, are also attracting. In the elevator hall on the first floor, visitors can also see "Prism Chandelier," an art chandelier created by Matsuo, which is inspired by the image of "a collection of shining lights.

MATSUO Takahiro《Phenomenon》

MATSUO Takahiro《Prism Chandelier》


The sculptor NAWA Kohei's "Fu / Rai" stands out in the lobby on the 40th floor, the uppermost level. The work, based on the motif of the Wind and Thunder Gods, is a rhythmic composition of soft, freshly textured spheres that exudes a strong sense of presence. Other works in the lobby include Brent Comer's "Vein" and Shin Nishikawa's "Water Crest," allowing visitors to appreciate unique works created in a variety of styles at their leisure.

Conrad Osaka is decorated with 389 works of art. As you enjoy the panoramic view and the numerous works of art, you will feel your senses naturally sharpen.

NAWA Kohei《Fu / Rai》


Brent Comber《Vein》


3-2-4 Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka



Access from the nearest station

  • 【Train】Directly connected to Exit 4 of Higobashi Station on the Osaka Metro Yotsubashi Line and Exit 12 of Watanabe-bashi Station on the Keihan Nakanoshima Line

  • Six-minute walk from Exit 7 of Yodoyabashi Station on Osaka Metro Midosuji Line and Keihan Main Line,

  • 5 minutes drive from JR "Osaka" station

  • 【By car】5 minutes from Tosabori Exit on Hanshin Expressway Route 4 Wangan Line


15:00 - 24:00



Accommodation fee

Please check the official website.


in-room wired and wireless Internet available, all rooms non-smoking, 3 restaurants, 1 bar, spa/fitness, 164 guest rooms, 7 meeting rooms


Foreign language assistance by staff available

Official Website


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