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Crowdfunding for
Arts ARTLOGUE × MotionGallery application form

Your project starts here.

It's not about what you can do, but about what you can do.
Let's make the best thing possible! !

Crowdfunding for Arts ARTLOGUE × MotionGallery is looking for people to support your great ideas and help realize them.

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Crowdfunding projects through ARTLOGUE will be strongly supported towards achieving their goals through the support and dissemination of MotionGallery, as well as introductions on the ARTLOGUE site, information dissemination through SNS, email newsletters, etc.

In order to compensate for the lack of funds for exhibitions and events ranging from contemporary art to community art to traditional performing arts and crafts, we aim to raise funds and realize projects through crowdfunding.

We also handle projects that are difficult to categorize and difficult to obtain grants for, the production of large-scale works, films, web services, publishing and product planning, regional art events, public art installations, design, fashion, music, architecture, etc. , we also support various next-generation art projects.

Support even after crowdfunding is achieved

Even after crowdfunding has been achieved, ARTLOGUE will continue to assist with mentoring, public relations, various designs, recording, web development, human resources introduction, consulting, etc., depending on the needs of the project.  

Target project

◯ Exhibitions, events 
◯ Work production 
◯ Traditional arts and crafts 
◯ Inviting artists from overseas and other regions 
◯ Artist in Residence 
◯ Film and video production
◯ WEB service 
◯ Publishing, product planning

◯ Local art events
◯ Public art installation
◯ Development of creative related products such as IoT 
◯ Design, fashion, music, architecture, etc.
◯ Opening stores such as galleries and shops 
◯ Art-related business
◯ Other cultural and art related projects

Of course, we are also looking forward to other wonderful projects that we could never have imagined.


ARTLOGUE × MotionGallery 申し込みフォーム


Please check MotionGallery for crowdfunding information. 

Frequently Asked Questions (in MotionGallery)  

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